Richmond Spiral is Richmond’s new Virtual Learning Environment designed for young learners. Teachers and students can find a wealth of interactive content and other resources related to the course they are studying in class. Currently you can find content related to Thumbs Up! and Skyrocket and Richmond will be adding content for more courses during 2016; please visit our website to see what is currently available.

Study Materials

As well as these Study Materials, students can access the Play area where they will find a series of vocabulary games.

Here, students can play a range of interactive language games. Key lexical areas and common vocabulary are revised and extended through fun, motivating content. Students can do the games in any order and work at their own place.



Teachers have all the support material for their course here, in one convenient area. They can upload their own resources and share them with the class if they wish. They can also share student's work with the whole class to promote collaborative learning.

Teachers and students can also access the Richmond Cartoons through Spiral. These fun animated videos present learners with language appropriate to their level and come accompanied by interactive exercises to practice this language.



Students can do the activities in the Study section more than once to improve their scores. These scores are recorded in the Gradebook. Teachers can track their students' progress. They can monitor scores for the whole class or individual students.

All the interactive content is linked to a Gradebook, so teachers can monitor the progress of their students.



The system of levels and gems will motivate students to keep playing and improving their scores so that they can go up through the levels and win gems. They will also enjoy competing to be the weekly class champion.